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Greenhouse polyethylene film offers the plants inside your greenhouse structure extended protection against harmful outdoor elements including wind, rain, snow and persistent UV rays. Rimol Greenhouse Systems provides two types of polyethylene films for greenhouses, which is 6 millimeter polyethylene sheeting and 6 millimeter IR polyethylene sheeting. Poly film, no matter how big or small your greenhouse may be, is simple to install and requires only the simplest set of tools.

Compared to polycarbonate greenhouse sheeting, polyethylene is an inexpensive solution for greenhouse growers across the world. It also offers greater flexibility with up to 6mm in thicknesses. Each of Rimol Greenhouses’ polyethylene film products contain UV block and a anti-dust additive to keep growers and plants safe throughout the growing seasons.

Polyethylene film is a simple and cost-efficient solution to give your greenhouse the covering it needs. Search through our greenhouse polyethylene items below or give us a call at (877) 746-6544 if you have any questions.

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