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Greenhouse covering, whether it be polycarbonate or polyethylene, serves as the protective skin around your greenhouse. But what’s the difference the two greenhouse covering options? Polycarbonate is a strong plastic greenhouse covering material that’s translucent and similar to the transparency of a glass window. Each of our lightweight plastic options allow for varying levels of light transmission and work to save greenhouse energy. Even more, its insulation pockets are ideal for cold-weather climates because of heat retention capabilities.

Polyethylene is a flexible greenhouse covering film and not nearly as rigid as polycarbonate. It is an inexpensive option for greenhouse growers as it’s available in either single layer or double layer applications. Polyethylene offers ultraviolet protection, diffuses light and limits temperature hikes. With polyethylene, it’s recommended to go with an air-inflated double layer. The ventilation between layers allows for consistent ventilation, which keeps the greenhouse covering film cooler during warm outdoor temperatures.

Polyethylene Polyethylene Triple Wall Polycarbonate - 4'Wide Clear

6 Mil Sheeting- 4 Year IR Poly 6 Mil Sheeting- 4 Year
Triple Wall Polycarbonate - 4' Wide Bronze/White Triple Wall Polycarbonate - 6' Wide Clear Triple Wall Polycarbonate - 6' Wide Bronze/White


Corrugated Polycarbonate- 4' Wide Bronze/White Corrugated Polycarbonate- 4' Wide Clear

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