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Polycarbonate Greenhouse Coverings

A polycarbonate greenhouse covering - also known as glazing - protects your crops from the full spectrum of harmful outdoor elements. Think of this material as a near-indestructible pair of safety glasses that protects your crops from wind, snow, hail, rain and harmful ultraviolet rays - after all, this is the material trusted in manufacturing bulletproof glass. Moreover, it's a lightweight, highly flexible material that's simple to install, comes UV-protected, and also saves you money on energy costs due to its excellent thermal insulation.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems offers a variety of convenient options, and your greenhouse or high tunnel glazing will depend on both your location and your crops. Double wall, triple wall, and corrugated options are available with varying levels of opaqueness to control light transmission.

  • Our Triple Wall option is available in 75%.
  • Our Double Wall option is available in 80%, 60%, and 25% light transmission.
  • Our Corrugated option is available in 90%, 52%, and 37% light transmission.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems also offers greenhouse or high tunnel covering hardware, including h-splices, ridge profiles, end caps, and more. For a deep dive into the many benefits and full range of these options, check out our polycarbonate installation guide, or call (877) 746-6544 to speak with one of our installation representatives that can answer any questions you may have.