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Heating & Cooling

Whether you operate a retail greenhouse or a research greenhouse, maintaining proper heating and cooling levels is critical for the health of your plants. A greenhouse temperature control system provides reliable heating and cooling options to ensure your greenhouse consistently operates at an optimum level. Outdoor seasons change - especially if you’re a four-season grower - but dictating the temperature inside your greenhouse is something anyone can control.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems offers devices for heating, cooling and ventilation, components for roll-up sides, and environmental controls for maximum mastery over your greenhouse’s indoor temperature. Give Rimol Greenhouses a call at (877) 746-6544 if you’re interested in our greenhouse temperature control systems, and be sure to check out our online catalog for a closer look!

  • Heating, Horizontal Air-Flow (HAF) fans & Thermostats

    Heating, Horizontal Air-Flow (HAF) fans & Thermostats

    Reliable greenhouse heating is a must-have for growers looking to extend their growing seasons, especially in cooler climates. Rimol Greenhouse Systems offers a wide ranging inventory of greenhouse heaters to make sure you can maintain an optimal greenhouse temperature regardless of season. Whether you need vent pipe kits, a floor mount heating unit, or something as simple as a screen guard, we have everything you'll need to get electric greenhouse heaters up and running.

    Greenhouse heating systems can extend the quality of life for your plants and help your greenhouse ROI immensely. Give Rimol Greenhouses a call at (877) 746-6544 to explore your greenhouse temperature control options today.

  • Cooling, Ventilation & Thermostats

    Cooling, Ventilation & Thermostats

    Proper greenhouse ventilation and cooling begins and ends with the structure’s overall design: if your greenhouse does not carry the necessary outlets for cooling and ventilation, temperature control becomes an issue, and that could lead to a poor harvest.

    Greenhouse wall fans and shutters are excellent at allowing hot air to escape from inside your structure while also letting fresh air enter. This improved air circulation will not only help your harvest, but will also quicken the return on your investment in a quality greenhouse. Rimol Greenhouse systems offer a variety of greenhouse ventilation and cooling systems, so be sure to explore our catalog of mechanical ventilation, natural ventilation, and shading apparatuses - and if you've got questions, we are available at 877-746-6544 to help you!

  • Roll-Up Sides Components

    Roll-Up Sides

    Greenhouse roll-up sides offer growers a chance to utilize automated ventilation and cooling practices, which can be vital to maintaining proper indoor greenhouse conditions. Roll up sides are an ideal option that offers a quick ROI because they operate under your control at all times. Whether it’s manual or automated, everything is in your hands.

    Open new horizons with the right greenhouse roll up side hardware. Rimol Greenhouse Systems carries an extensive inventory that includes gearbox kits, roll bar deflectors, hand braces, and swaged tubing, and all hardware is durable and built to last in the harshest of outdoor conditions. Give us a ring at (877) 746-6544 and check out our product catalog!

  • Environmental Controls

    Environmental Controls

    You’re busy enough maintaining what’s growing inside the greenhouse, so it’s time for a greenhouse environmental control system to lighten your load. Our greenhouse environmental control systems balance a variety of automated tasks and responsibilities to help maintain proper greenhouse temperatures. Featured systems monitor heating and cooling temperatures and, depending on the model, also offer a dehumidifier, temperature recordings, and enhanced reports and graphs.

    Rimol's inventory features greenhouse environmental control systems and include Step Up, Ventmate Plus, Growmaster Procom, and Argus Controls. Give Rimol Greenhouse Systems a call at (877) 746-6544 to see which environmental control system works best for you and your budget, or explore out inventory below.